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 خدا کا کلام مجسم ہوا ہمارے لئے

  1. In The Quest of Truth 
  2.  Who can help my spiritual struggle ? 
  3. What is the Truth ?
  4.  Why Jesus Called the Son of God? 
  5. What is the meaning Word became flesh ? 
  6. Who is my mediator ?
  7.  How one can receive the great gift of Salvation ? 
  8. Are all my good deeds enough to attain God's eternal life ?

 Audio Lecture in Urdu ONE - Izharul Haque. 1.  
Audio Lecture in Urdu TWO - Izharul Haque. 2.  
   Audio Lecture in Urdu THREE - Izharul Haque. 3.  
Audio Lecture in Urdu FOUR - Izharul Haque. 4.  
Audio Lecture in Urdu FIVE - Izharul Haque. 5.